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Do You Need a Water Filtration System for Your Little Rock Home?

Tap water throughout the country has been found to contain copious amounts of environmental pollution and industrial waste. Whether from a lake or river, chances are your home’s drinking supply includes some form of contamination. Contaminant levels are typically not high enough to cause sickness, but are likely to aid in the formation of chronic health effects, including weakened immune systems. This is the primary reason why so many households opt for a whole-home filtration system in Little Rock, AR.

Chlorine Treatments

Typically, the city will disinfect its drinking water using chlorine, which is basically bleach. Chlorine does help to reduce the microorganisms and toxins found in natural water, allowing us to drink from the tap without too much cause for concern. However, chlorine carries its own health risks, including potential bladder and rectal cancer in copious amounts. It’s important to note that these conditions are rare, and it takes time for such conditions to occur from tap water.


In most cities throughout the country, including here in Little Rock, our water supply is filled with fluoride. The long-term effects of fluoride show a multitude of severe health issues, including bladder cancer, thyroid dysfunction, liver disease, endocrine imbalance, and more. Children are more vulnerable to the adverse effects of fluoride.

Whole-Home Filtration Systems

A home water filtration system is a solution. By undergoing professional installation, you are taking precautionary steps to protect your family and yourself. Today’s filtration systems help reduce waterborne contaminants and, in many cases, eliminate toxins altogether.

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