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Common Drain Cleaning Methods Your Plumber Will Utilize

As homeowners, we often wish we had someone to turn to when things go awry — especially when plumbing issues rear their ugly head. Even something as simple as a clogged drain can turn into a troublesome nightmare. Thankfully, you do have options. An expert plumber is just a phone call away and will have effective techniques to clean your drains.

Avoiding Chemicals

The most prominent no-no in the world of plumbing is the use of chemical drain cleaners. You will often find these products on store shelves across the country – touted as effective cleaning solutions. What a misnomer, though. These products do not clean drains effectively. In fact, most chemical solutions are more harmful to the pipes than anything else.

Instead of reaching for a chemical cleaner, your local plumber will opt for a conventional plunger or drain snake. Using a drank snake is often best paired with other drain cleaning methods. For example, a drain snake will punch a hole in the blockage but leave residue on the outside portions of the pipe. In time, another clog will form. High-pressured water could prove useful.


Hydro-jetting is a cutting-edge method employed by professional plumbers. The technique uses high-pressure water to eliminate clogs and clean internal pipes to help prevent repeat blockages from occurring. The pressure acts like a knife to slice its way through an obstruction and scour the interior pipe walls with ease.

This sounds dangerous, right? Well, hydro-jetting is quite safe for your plumbing system. The technique simply obliterates sludge and blockages without traumatizing pipes or joints, unlike mechanical pipe cleaning tools.

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