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How to Handle Emergency Pipe Repairs in the Home

It’s not easy to stay calm when you wake to find your bathroom flooded with two inches of water or you suddenly realize a pipe has exploded because it’s icy outside. However, thinking about the next steps and handling the situation quickly is extremely important, so don’t let panic cloud your thoughts. Here are the fastest and easiest ways to handle three common pipe emergency repairs, even if you aren’t a licensed plumber.

When Your Pipe Gets Clogged:

Hair, gunk, and other debris can sometimes get stuck in the U-bend pipe underneath your sink or in the pipes behind your toilet. That can lead to overflowing, which can cause water damage to your home and pose a real problem if you only have one bathroom to use. To rapidly tackle a pipe clog, grab a wire coat hanger and straighten it out. Then, curve the tip into a hook that you can stick into the pipes. That should help you remove any large blockages and at least make the clog manageable. A plunger will also work on a toilet.

When Your Pipe Freezes:

As temperatures outside plummet, the risk of frozen pipes increases dramatically. If you do spot a frozen pipe, shut off the water to the pipe to prevent it from bursting. Then, remove any electronics and valuables from the area around the frozen pipes and begin thawing it with a hair dryer or hot water bottle. Whatever you do, do not expose the pipe to an open flame. That just increases the risk of a damaging leak.

When Your Pipe Bursts:

Rust or ice can cause a pipe to burst, which is a huge issue that can set you back thousands of dollars. The first thing you’ll need to do is shut off the water supply to your house to prevent more leaks. Make sure not to touch any light switches, electronic devices, or electric circuits; the water damage could make them extremely dangerous. Use buckets to scoop up the water around the busted pipe and turn on the faucets around the house to get rid of whatever water is still leftover. Only after you’ve done these things should you start collecting valuable items and documenting the damages.

Although it’s always preferable to handle an emergency situation quickly on your own, sometimes serious problems require the help of a professional company like Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain Experts of Little Rock. Their team of plumbing experts will immediately help you figure out what the problem is and safely put an end to it. To speak to a representative or learn more about Bluefrog, call 501-881-4087.

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