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How to Determine if You Should Replace Your Garbage Disposal

Your kitchen’s garbage disposal is designed as a convenience. The entire point of this appliance we sometimes take for granted is to keep a clean kitchen. Over time, or through misuse, your home’s garbage disposal may begin to wear out. You may need professional repairs or a replacement. Be sure to check the disposal for yourself and look for these telltale signs that you need to call in an expert.

First Steps

If your garbage disposal suddenly stops working one day, check the system on your own. If the power is out in the unit entirely, check the rest of the kitchen for electricity. Try resetting the circuit breaker first or replace an old fuse in the electrical box.

Alternatively, if the disposal does not make any noise when you turn it on, check under the sink to ensure the unit is plugged in correctly.

In many instances, a temporary jam forces the disposal’s reset button to activate. You may need to press the button on the side or back of your disposal to re-activate the disposal. Whatever you do, do not stick your hands into the drain for any reason.

Call a Plumber

If you have a significant issue with your garbage disposal, leave the job to a professional. Reaching your hands into the drain is incredibly dangerous, even if the power has been shut off beforehand. A plumber will successfully evaluate the state of your disposal, and ultimately decide when a repair or replacement is required. Sometimes, upgrading to a faster unit can protect your pipes.

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