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3 Signs You Have a Broken Water Line and Need Immediate Repair

Homeowners often notice a leaking pipe inside the house. Water seeping into the walls or ceiling is a pretty good indication of a problem. However, a leak in the pipes outside your home is a little harder to detect. Fortunately, there are signs you can keep an eye out for to discover a water line leak.

Signs of a Broken Water Line

There are three primary signs of a broken water line on your property:

  • Increasing water bill – Your water bill is usually uniform throughout the season. If you notice a continual spike in your usage, this is often a warning sign of a broken water line. The moment you spot the increase, investigate your lawn, basement, and foundation.
  • Low water pressure – A significant decrease in water pressure is a major red flag of a broken water line. You will struggle to wash dishes, take a comforting shower, or even flush the toilet properly.
  • Soft spots – A broken water line typically creates soft, slushy spots in your lawn. These spots form because of the water leaking into the soil. Take a walk around your property regularly to check for leaks, and if you notice these soft spots during dry weather, contact your plumber immediately.

What Causes a Water Leak

There are countless reasons why an outdoor pipe may burst or form a leak. For instance, the pipe may simply be old or defective. Improper installation or lackluster workmanship often lead to issues down the line, too. It is frustrating, but there is little to be done besides fixing the leaking pipe.

Another possibility is changes in temperature. While Little Rock winters aren’t typically too harsh, temperatures often drop below freezing, which may lead to frozen pipes. Constant exposure to freezing temperatures takes a toll on your plumbing system and can cause a burst pipe in a short amount of time.

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