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How to Spot a Broken Sewer Line

We rarely, if ever, see a sewer line in our homes. These pipes are installed underground, buried beneath a few feet of dirt. If the waste pipe breaks, however, you’ll require professional repairs, which if left for too long could be expensive. You typically cannot unclog a sewer line all by your lonesome! However, you can spot a broken sewer line early – and call in a professional for prompt help.

Sewer Gas Odors

The most prominent sign of a broken sewer line tends to be the smell. An odor of noxious sewer gas is a surefire sign that something has gone wrong. Typically, a drain will not smell. If you notice the stench, inspect further or call in a professional.

Slow Drainage

Generally, slow drainage occurs due to a blockage in the sewer line. This pipe services your sink, toilet, shower, and tub. If you have multiple drains running slowly, it may be due to a broken sewer line. The line may have cracked or separated due to the ground around it settling. Or, a tree root may have infiltrated the sewer line, obstructing the flow.


Sewage backup is one of the worst situations you could find yourself in. Sewage is harmful to your health and should never be handled by anyone other than a professional. If the clog or backup is isolated to one drain, a clog in the pipe that services that spot is likely. If you experience backup in more than one drain, a broken sewer line is the most likely cause. A professional will need to inspect the sewer line and determine how best to repair the damage.

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