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Why You Should Incorporate Regular Drain Cleaning into Your Home’s Maintenance Schedule

Most homeowners consider drain cleaning to be something done after-the-fact. Once your drain is clogged or dirty, that’s when you’d hire a professional to handle the problem, right? Well, that’s partially incorrect. Drain cleaning should be introduced into your maintenance schedule to help avoid emergencies. We consider this preventative maintenance. The cleaner your drain is today, the less likely you’ll have significant build-up or a clog tomorrow!

How Drain Cleaning Helps

You cannot see inside your plumbing system. Because of this, you’ll never know what’s happening inside the pipes. When build-up occurs, we only see the aftermath, including clogs or odd smells. However, you can control what goes down the drain and how often it is cleaned.

In the kitchen, cooking and cleaning up often leads to fats, oils, and grease sneaking down the drain. You can prevent excess food and grease intrusion with a garbage disposal or a stopper. However, some residue will still find its way down into the pipes. Cleaning them thoroughly helps remove the mess, leaving more room for water and waste to flow freely.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning

An efficient plumbing system, one free of clogs, enables you to enjoy clean, fresh water and a working waste disposal system. By cleaning the plumbing system regularly, you’ll enjoy:

  •         Access to clean water
  •         A healthy home plumbing system
  •         Less water waste
  •         Higher efficiency and energy savings

A clog, if left unattended, will weaken the structural integrity of your pipes. If this happens, you may experience a leak. And a leak, as you know, can damage your property and run up your bills each month, costing you money.

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