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Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Pipes

As homeowners, we often ignore our residential plumbing systems. We pretty much expect everything to be in working order. When the knob on the kitchen faucet is turned on, we expect warm water to wash our dishes with. When we hop in the shower each night, we expect a blast of hot water to relax us after a long day. But unfortunately, often the reality is different, since a simple plumbing problem will wreak havoc on your entire schedule. A leak in your usually trustworthy faucet could make a gigantic mess. And that shower could turn ice-cold if the water heater can’t keep up with demand. Plenty could go wrong – but a plumber can turn the situation around. Do you wonder if it’s time to replace those old pipes? Get a professional to diagnose the problem correctly.

Persistent Leaks

A constantly-running toilet can actually cost you quite a bit of money each month. The same goes for a leaky faucet. These plumbing issues will not rectify themselves – they only worsen over time. Basically, the longer you ignore the situation, the more money it could cost. Whether it’s a toilet, a faucet, or a water heater, do not let a leak fester too long.

A faucet may seem simple enough, but it’s typically not a do-it-yourself job. A professional plumber can assess the situation and determine whether buying a new faucet or repairing the current one is the right move. A replacement fixture could also be the small renovation you need to spice up your bathroom, though.

Clogged Drains

A clogged drain is simple enough to notice. If you’re dealing with a persistent clog, over-the-counter and online remedies will just not suffice. In fact, many drain cleaners sold in supermarkets tend to include harmful chemicals which corrode your plumbing system. To be safe, avoid these products at all costs.

Instead, opt for professional drain cleaning services. A professional plumber won’t use a plumbing “snake” to punch through the clog. That solution is not truly a solution. In fact, it often leaves portions of the clog behind, stuck on the interior walls of the pipe – and yes, that will soon lead to further clogs. Today’s professionals use innovative techniques to remove the entire clog, all while cleaning the interior of your plumbing system using high-pressure water. But over time and after countless clogs, your plumbing system may not ever be the same. In that case, replacing the old pipes and drain is an investment worth your time and money.


Age will be the determining factor for replacing any portion of your plumbing system. The older your pipes, the more likely you are to have significant issues with the plumbing system down the line. For a new home, you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing any pipes. However, in an old house, one requiring extensive renovations and repairs, you’ll probably also face a vintage plumbing system. These pipes are often made of copper, brass, or galvanized steel, all of which have extensive lifespans. However, everything comes to an end, so it’s best to replace those pipes now and avoid a costly problem later.


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