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How to Avoid Holiday Drain Problems

The holiday season begins with Thanksgiving, and for families across the country that means lots and lots of cooking. Our kitchens become busy with artists at work creating delicacies of both traditional and more modern recipes.

But what never seems to change is all the sudden activity our drains and garbage disposals get from all that cooking! Don’t let something as easy to avoid, like a clogged sink, happen on your watch! There really are some things that you shouldn’t ask your garbage disposal to take care of for you.

Grease — Think grease isn’t good for us? Well it is even worse for your sink drain! When it cools your drain is going to react as if you poured candle wax into your plumbing system. And I”m sure you can guess what is going to happen then. Take the time to pour off extra oil and grease into a container. Once it cools, it can be easily tossed out with the trash.

Celery — Most of us like cooked celery in our stuffing, but those type of stringy veggies slow down the churning action of your garbage disposal. Without the power to chew, your disposal is not going to be able to do its job of clearing out the waste in your sink.

Coffee Grounds — It is hard to find a kitchen without a coffee pot, and with guests arriving and lots of cooking to get done, you can smell the coffee brewing. But as harmless as those grounds look, don’t put them down the sink. Over time they are just going to create sludge in your plumbing system.

Egg shells — With the baking of most pies, also comes the cracking of a lot of eggs. But don’t put those egg shells down the drain!  Dispose of those in your trash, or if you are going green, in your compost pile.

Pasta and Rice — We know that pasta and rice absorbs water when it is cooked. So, what do you think happens when it is put into a drain? That’s right! It expands as it absorbs more water. A clump of pasta or rice is not what you want going through your plumbing system.

Remember, running your garbage disposal before you have it filled to the brim will make its job easier. And don’t be afraid to run the water for at least 20-30 seconds when using your garbage disposal. That water is going to help flush things through your pipes.

Here at bluefrog Little Rock we hope that your Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends is a complete success. But if you ever run into any plumbing issues, we are here 24/7 when you need us. Enjoy your holiday!

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