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3 Most Common Tankless Water Heater Repairs

We often take hot water for granted. When we turn the knob on the sink, we expect hot water to flow. Then, something goes wrong. There is no more hot water in the entire house. As durable as a water heater is, appliances suffer wear and tear and the occasional malfunctions. Something is bound to go wrong. You need to call an expert technician to perform prompt repairs on the system!

Mineral Buildup

Over time, minerals will build up at the bottom of the tank. This layer of sediment leaves less room for hot water, thereby reducing your load capacity. Even a tankless water heater succumbs to mineral buildup. In fact, the harder your water, the more minerals you’ll endure. Calcium and magnesium are the two most common offenders for buildup.
If not addressed promptly, mineral buildup can damage the entire system. You should typically flush your water heater once per year.

System Overload

If you have a busy household – everyone using hot water at the same time – the water heater may become overloaded. The system will either struggle to supply hot water or shut down completely. If this happens, you’ll need to reduce your hot water usage or upgrade to a higher capacity system. It is often cheaper to upgrade in the long-run.

Failed Heating Elements

Electrical water heaters, which are the most common used today, utilize two heating elements within the tank to heat the water. If one element burns out, the temperature will decrease, and you’ll endure lukewarm water throughout the house. Repair professionals will open the tank and replace the broken heating element, which is a relatively quick fix!

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