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Reasons Why You Need a Camera Inspection of Your Plumbing

A plumbing camera line inspection can track blockages quicker and easier than the naked eye!

Do you have a severe or recurring clog? Now you know it can be quite the headache! Sometimes a drainage clog is a quick fix – a non-chemical cleaner, drain snake, or perhaps even a plunger might be enough to handle the situation. However, there are rare occasions when nothing works. When the drainage clog is deep in the system, tracking it is our primary concern. We must first locate the blockage, then we can determine how best to handle the situation. Unfortunately, the majority of your plumbing system is buried underground or hidden behind walls – nothing is easily seen. We need advanced equipment, like a camera inspection, to find the problem and act.

Benefits of a Camera Inspection

So, let’s first examine a few advantages to scheduling a camera inspection. First of all, you’ll enjoy:

  • Speed – The primary reason we use a camera to inspect a plumbing system is speed. When you want a fast solution, a camera inspection can locate the blockage more quickly than any other technique we utilize.
  • Accuracy – Second, we have accuracy! Our technicians are good, but even they cannot see through the ground or walls. A camera allows us to find exactly where the problem is situated, and then we can act.
  • Prevention – The prevention benefits of using a camera inspection are certainly worth mentioning. By using a camera, we’ll find the blockage well before it worsens. This means we can prevent outright leaks or flooding from the sewer system.
  • Savings – Finally, and perhaps the one advantage all homeowners want to hear about, is the savings. With a camera inspection, we don’t need to dig up your landscape and pull up any pipes. You’re going to save money both on the repair itself and on water usage, because we’re going to resolve the issue faster than ever before possible!

Common Causes of Sewer Line Blockages

We frequently use camera inspections for sewer line blockages. Any issue with a sewer line is a cause of anxiety, exhaustion, and headache for homeowners in the area. But our camera inspection can easily and quickly track the problem! The nature of a sewer line blockage will vary, but some of the most common blockage causes that we see include:

  • Dumping grease down the drain or in the garbage disposal
  • Flushing garbage or paper towels down the toilet
  • Using “flushable” products – these tend to clog the system anyway!
  • Tree roots growing into the line in search of nutrients
  • Age – an old sewer line will crack, disconnect, or shift and cause problems

If possible, watch for telltale signs of a sewer line blockage. We can then provide a camera inspection to locate the exact spot where the blockage has occurred.

Schedule camera line inspections with bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Little Rock. Give us a call now at 501-207-0818!

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